The Plotter's Compendium Crafty Cuttings (english)

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Achtung, das ist die englische Version. Die deutsche Version des Buches finden Sie... mehr
Produktinformationen "The Plotter's Compendium Crafty Cuttings (english)"

Achtung, das ist die englische Version. Die deutsche Version des Buches finden Sie HIER


This book opens the door to the world of plotting and electronic cutting, demonstrated on a Silhouette Cameo® cutting plotter. Clear and easy-to-follow instructions paired with dozens of illustrations and colorful examples show the possibilities of what can be created using the little machine. Step-by step, the cutting plotter and the software are explained in depth, while practical experience is gained by making the projects described in the book.

The initial exercises lay a solid foundation, making it easy to start creating original designs. With how-to descriptions of specialized techniques and different materials, the advanced projects become more challenging.

The book is filled with useful tips – plus help and recommended solutions when anything goes wrong. Combined with the Index in the back, it becomes a valuable reference tool to keep handy. 

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